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Saman Arepas is a family business! 

Back in Venezuela, where everybody knew you by first name, and directions where given with landmarks, the Blanco’s family restaurant legacy began. In Maracay, Aragua State in a small shop located under a monkey-pod tree, “Saman Arepas Bistro” was made a reality by Mr. José Blanco in 1977 and given the name “Nuestro Kiosco el Saman”. Very quickly it became known by the locals as the best place to eat those delicious filled corn-cakes we call arepas. Almost thirty years later in 2004, this culinary tradition was continued in Central Florida with the opening of “El Gran Saman” a Venezuelan folk restaurant. Thanks to Mr. Blanco and his family, “Saman Arepas Bistro” has become a favorite among Hispano-Americans that now call Orlando home. (read more). 
12720 S. Orange Blossom Trail #19 
Orlando, FL. 32837

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Mon - Thu
Fri - Sat
5 estrellas de Facebook "Las que le gustan a my friend s. morales con mucho queso pollo camarones y guayanezz y una coca vola friiitaaaaa..."

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Arepa and drink $7.99
Can Soda included with the purchase of the Arepa. Additional Charge for certain ingredients or extra amount. Click to print or mention this offer when ordering.
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Testimonials: 5 stars***** Yelp Review
"Great venezuelan food! Excellent prices and service! We had two venezuelans breakfast, one was white cheese, black beans, arepa, and shredded beef, the other one was the same but instead of shredded beef it came with perico, that's scrambled egg with tomato and onions. Delicious! We also had a passion fruit natural juice, also delicious!." 
Mayrim R.Miami, FL (send a review, click the stars)
We simply share our love for our Arepas and great food!
Mix and Match 4 ingredients or choose Pre-selected Arepas
Come Saman Arepas Bistro, choose your any of the ingredients and make your own! 
Compartimos el cariño que sentimos por nuestra comida!
Combina hasta 4 ingredientes o escoge Arepas Combinadas
Ven a Saman Arepas Bistro, Aqui podras hacer la combinacion que quieras!!!! Te esperamos.....

Saman Arepas Menu
Saman Arepas en una empresa de familia! 

En la vieja Venezuela, donde todos se conocían por su primer nombre y las direcciones se daban por puntos de referencia, el legado del restaurante de la familia Blanco comenzó. En Maracay, Aragua, en un pequeño local ubicado debajo de un samán, Saman Arepas Bistro fue hecho realidad por el Sr. José Blanco en 1977 bajo el nombre Nuestro Kiosco el Samán. Rápidamente éste llegué a ser conocido por los locales como el mejor lugar para comer arepas y casi treinta años después, en el 2004, esta tradición culinaria fue intruducida a el área metropolitana de Orlando con el Gran Saman. Gracias al Sr. Blanco y su familia, Saman Arepas Bistro se ha convertido en el lugar favorito entre las personas de distintas nacionalidades que ahora consideran a Orlando su hogar.
Saman Arepas knows how to combine and balance flavors to create memories for those living in Orlando, Florida and to the travelers passing by from around the world. 
Testimonials: 5 stars ***** Facebook Review: It's been a while since I had one since I moved to the east side of Orlando but had some business in Kissimmee so I went to the old location off Osceola Parkway and I was told that they moved to OBT. Since it wasn't too far away I got in my car and went. Talk about going down memory lane lol still great food like before!!  K. Church, VA (send a review, click here)

Restaurant location: 12720 S. Orange Blossom Trail #19 
Orlando, FL. 32837 
407-286-6025 @samanarepas  

Arepa de Camarones y Queso Amarillo
(Shrimp and Yellow Cheese)

Arepa Pollo Mechado, Caraotas Negras y Queso Blanco
Shredded Chicken, Black Beans and White Cheese

Arepa de Pernil, Tomate y Queso de Mano
Pork, Tomato and "Mano" Cheese

Arepa Bistro 
Shredded Chicken, beef, shrimp, chicken salad & white cheese

Mix and Match 4 ingredients or choose Pre-selected Arepas
Combina hasta 4 ingredientes o escoge Arepas Combinadas

"Saman, taste like homemade, second to none!"
Compruebe, porque son las mejores!

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